Monday, January 30, 2017

My conscience, as formed by my beliefs

I should rightly blush in shame to think of all the sinful thoughts I have given consent to in my life, growing up in a time so densely polluted with every vain and evil notion.  Lying to conceal misdeeds.  Pleasure before duty.  Desire before responsibility.  Immodesty.  Pornography.  Sex before marriage.  Irrational sex.  Homosexual sex.  All of it.  It'll all going to come out in judgment, anyway, for all of us, so if you are shocked or surprised and wonder about the details, well everyone in the world will get every shameful detail from each of us directly when God forces us all to confess of all our deeds at the Final Judgment.  And stumbling from heresy into Catholicism, only by the astoundingly persistent grace of God, which I still strive to accept and obey every day.  It is hard, and I have lived a life of evil habits that have retarded my spiritual growth, and it all started with gluttony, for me, as I think it does for many of us.

[Update, we are in Lent now.]

I'm just trying to do penance for it and move on.  And why can't I find a professed Catholic who actually seems to be truthful and wise and unwilling to hide?  Am I really Catholic?  Do you actually have the love for souls to put yourself out there and try to save a lost sheep, as so many have accused me of being on Cathinfo, where I was Willing Catholic Martyr, and then just CM for short.  Instead of overcoming my points with words I could not also overcome with logical and sound points, I was banned.  I was also banned immediately upon my first post from another site for defending water baptism, and promoting deference to the popes' infallible statements.

As to most of my debate opponenets, I never heard from most of them explaining my errors to me, upon my last correspondence to them.  The few who have remained in contact, even if only once per year or two, have either not made attempts to correct me on any particular doctrinal issues, or they made a case that was easily refuted or irreuftable, in which cases, I have admitted error.

Friends and family members whom I admonish do not have answers to the underpinnings of my state of religion, which are articulable and demonstrably logical.  I know many whose claims to religion or philosophical ideologies is unable to be backed up with straight talk.  Especially new-agers, pantheists and univeralists/new-ecumenists.  Everyone stops engaging me because I am dogmatic, but also can back it up with logical reasons.  Once a falsehood is backed up into a corner by facts, it has no choice but to yield it the last word to the truth.

So please, if I am wrong about something, correct me.  If you are right (and truth is inherently logical), then I'll admit correction.  Simple as that.  If you read my blog and recognize that God gave me a strong and logical mind, and you think I'm onto something, or you have a question, send me an email and I'll look it over.

Otherwise, may the God of mercy grant each of us a safe and productive day in the service of our state in life so that we may merit or impetrate (for non Catholics) as the case may be, the grace to find our way to salvation before death. Amen.

Oh yeah and the conscience part.  Here it is:

Natural Law and Conscience

This is what I strive to obey now.  And we should all.

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