Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas)

What Must You Do To Get to Heaven?


  1. So according to what is written in this part of your book I am not allowed to/or supposed to set the goal for myself to see to it that I make myself a FINANCIALLY WEALTHY person asap somehow BUT ON THE OTHER HAND another article that you have on this blog states that MARRYING FOR WEALTH is allowed/NOT condemned for Catholics ?!

    Contradictions,Contradictions,Contradictions !!!

    It really does seem to me like I always keep on running into MANY CONTRADICTIONS throughout my investigations of Cath*licism/Cath*lic teachings.

    "But especially that we REPRESS the desires of lust,WEALTH and honor,and not rest until we have uprooted them from our heart"

    Those GREEDY Catholic Spanish conquistadors who completely took over and colonized most of Latin America(except Brazil)and their descendants a little bit later who took a HUGE part in the transatlantic African slave trade-(I read that in Latin America someone's SLAVE was baptised and even taken to MASS with them but she was still their SLAVE the whole time,so they took their SLAVES with them to MASS in Latin America and NO ONE ever said ANYTHING about this or about KEEPING SLAVES and TAKING PART IN SLAVERY to them ?!)- sure REPRESSED their desires for WEALTH and HONOR(among the GREEDY Spanish monarchy in Spain) and LUST(mating with the Africans and Natives to a GREAT extent all over LA,MAJOR MISCEGENATION in LA) didn't they? SAME STORY with the Catholic Portuguese in Brazil.

    "the foolish wisdom of the world which aims only for honor,pleasures and riches"

  2. There is no contradiction. You have failed to make the distinction between a divine precept (command) and a counsel (advice).

    The section from the Catechism of the Council of Trent you refer to reads thus: "These are ends, some one of which, those who desire to contract marriage piously and religiously, as becomes the children of the Saints, should propose to themselves. If to these we add other causes which induce to contract marriage, and, in choosing a wife, to prefer one person to another, such as the desire of leaving an heir, wealth, beauty, illustrious descent, congeniality of disposition ­­ such motives, because not inconsistent with the holiness of marriage, are not to be condemned. We do not find that the Sacred Scriptures condemn the Patriarch Jacob for having chosen Rachel for her beauty, in preference to Lia"

    "Not to be condemned" means that such motives, as long as they are within reason, are not sinful. But just because they are not sinful (and therefore we are not COMMANDED to reject them) does not mean that they are not potentially burdensome to the practice of virtue. It is for this reason why Christ COUNSELS us to sell everything we own and follow him, be He does not COMMAND us to do so.

    Furthermore, the quote you presented at the bottom "the foolish wisdom of the world which aims only for honor,pleasures and riches" is true. If you aim ONLY at those things, then you are as a fool, whereas, if you have those things in mind, but "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his justice", then "all these things shall be added unto you", as God promises.

    Would He promise it if it were something utterly foolish to possess, along with God's justice?

    I think not.