Sunday, October 9, 2011

Re: Understanding Christ's Natures


Articles to refute Dimond's allegations of "Radical Schismatic", specifically addressing his distortion of our position on who is and is not schismatic, depending upon the heresies (known or unknown) of a religious superior:

And his attacks about my past sins are answered here:

The corrected text from the article the Dimond's quoted (entitled "Most Holy Family Monastery are wrong even when they are right") is as follows:

"This teaching from Chalcedon was treating of the Divine and human natures in the hypostatic union. Just as Jesus Christ on the Cross yielded up His human soul and it separated physically from His human body, it has to be said that His Divine Personhood was the link between His soul and body, which although separated (that is the soul from the body and only temporarily) were still connected by the unity of the same Person of the Word.

"Pope St. Leo, in promulgating this decree, defended the doctrine of Christ's true humanity and true Divinity, united in one Person."

For more, read Question 17 and Question 25 of the Third Part of the Summa by St. Thomas.

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