Saturday, July 2, 2011

3rd Sunday After Pentecost

Read the whole article for a discourse on the evils of drunkenness.

What Must You Do To Get to Heaven?


  1. a sinner deserves our compassion rather than our anger. do you see? but many of you catholics respond with anger than compassion.
    the above is absolutely beautiful. and i just read somewhere that we should trust in the merciful Heart.
    many times i look for novenas, i see them among the heretics. many times i hesitate to pray them because i do not know if they contain heresies. i just finish a novena to the Sacred Heart. i did not like the cosecration part because i can tell they took some parts out. i am sure they did that so they would not offend certain groups.
    could you please give us the right formulas of the cosecration.

  2. Lisa, sinners deserve compassion, yes and those who wish to leave sin behind should be met with endless patience and be guided to virtue. But when people make excuses in sins or refuse to admit their actions are evil, they deserve admonishment, rebuke and humiliation that they might humble themselves and smarten up. If they refuse even still to seek amendment, then we do as the Apostles and Christ exhort us. We avoid them.

    I do not at this time have what I consider to be a reliable version of the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sorry.