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7th Sunday After Pentecost (and Instruction on Good Works)

Note:  False prophets incite revolt against legitimate civil authority, whereas Saints are called upon to denounce anti-christ tyrants.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fifty Maxims for Attaining Perfection

Taken from St. Alphonsus Maria di Liguori's "The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ, or, The Mysteries of the Faith" (1886 Edition).  These are especially necessary in today's evil world.  I pray that I may become wholly faithful to these salutary maxims!

St. Alphonsus Maria di Liguori

Note that unfortunately some of these are impossible for most to do as they involve the Sacraments, which cannot be lawfully effected by or received from heretics, who seem to be the only priests left, sadly.


1. To desire ardently to increase in the love of Jesus Christ.

2. Often to make acts of love towards Jesus Christ. Immediately on waking, and before going to sleep, to make an act of love; seeking always to unite your own will to the will of Jesus Christ.

3. Often to meditate on his Passion.

4. Always to ask Jesus Christ for his love.

5. To communicate often, and many times in the day to make spiritual Communions.

6. Often to visit the Most Holy Sacrament.

7. Every morning to receive from the hands of Jesus Christ himself your own cross.

8. To desire Paradise and death, in order to be able to love Jesus Christ perfectly and for all eternity.

9. Often to speak of the love of Jesus Christ.

10. To accept contradictions for the sake of Jesus Christ.

11. To rejoice in the happiness of God.

12. To do that which is most pleasing to Jesus Christ, and not to refuse him anything that is agreeable to him.

13. To desire and to endeavor that all should love Jesus Christ.

14. To pray always for sinners and for the souls in purgatory.

15. To drive from your heart every affection that does not belong to Jesus Christ.

16. Always to have recourse to the most holy Mary, that she may obtain for us the love of Jesus Christ.

17. To honor Mary in order to please Jesus Christ.

18. To seek to please Jesus Christ in all your actions.

19. To offer yourself to Jesus Christ to suffer any pain for his love.

20. To be always determined to die rather than com mit a wilful venial sin.

21. To suffer crosses patiently, saying, "Thus it pleases Jesus Christ."

22. To renounce your own pleasures for the love of Jesus Christ.

23. To pray as much as possible.

24. To practise all the mortifications that obedience permits.

25. To do all your spiritual exercises as if it were for the last time.

26. To persevere in good works in the time of aridity.

27. Not to do nor yet to leave undone anything through human respect.

28. Not to complain in sickness.

29. To love solitude, to be able to converse alone with Jesus Christ. 30. To drive away melancholy.

31. Often to recommend yourself to those persons who love Jesus Christ.

32. In temptation, to have recourse to Jesus crucified, and to Mary in her sorrows.

33. To trust entirely in the Passion of Jesus Christ.

34. After committing a fault, not to be discouraged, but to repent and resolve to amend.

35. To do good to those who do evil.

36. To speak well of all, and to excuse the intention when you cannot defend the action.

37. To help your neighbor as much as you can.

38. Neither to say nor to do anything that might vex Him. And if you have been wanting in charity, to ask His pardon and speak kindly to Him.

39. Always to speak with mildness and in a low tone.

40. To offer to Jesus Christ all the contempts and persecution that you meet with.

41. To look upon [lawful religious] Superiors as the representatives of Jesus Christ.

42. To obey without answering and without repugnance, and not to seek your own satisfaction in anything.

43. To like the lowest employments.

44. To like the poorest things.

45. Not to speak either good or evil of yourself.

46. To humble yourself even towards inferiors.

47. Not to excuse yourself when you are reproved.

48. Not to defend yourself when found fault with.

49. To be silent when you are disquieted.

50. Always to renew your determination of becoming a saint, saying, "My Jesus, I desire to be all Thine, and Thou must be all mine."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Questions from a reader

Q. Why did God create DINOSAURS?! And then have them living AT THE SAME TIME as humans?! I wonder how many humans got killed by dinosaurs.

A. Humans coexist with all kinds of dangerous creature that are physically superior us in one way or another. God created these creatures for man to rule over, even as God rules over man. He created them also to show us His might and magnificence, as through a veil.

Q. Every time I see a cockroach I think why did God create cockroaches?  They are so disgusting, I don't even want to get near them to kill them!  I really don't understand God and why He created such not so lovely things.

A. Everything God created has a purpose in the ecosystem, but not everything He created is still found in the world today, or found in the exact same form it was originally created in. Even things that we may find contemptible have a purpose, which works towards the good of the world, but as time has progressed, and as man has continued to offend God by sin and disorder, God has withdrawn much of the good and order that He initially endowed the creation with, in just punishment and in order to humble man, that he might seek Him in repentance.

To get a Biblical and scientific perspective on how the world has gone from VERY GOOD, to what we see today, please listen to this audio.

Q. What happened to the souls of humans after they died, who lived before the spread of Christianity or before the time of Jesus Christ born and living on earth?

A. Those who lived and died in mortal sin went to hell. Those who sinned, but recognized the natural law written on their hearts and repented, sincerely seeking after justice, were certainly converted to the Lord God of Israel, either through the preaching of prophets or priests sent to them by Him, or because they purposefully sought out the people of the true God, and forsook their shamanism, idols, superstitions, etc.

Isaias 61:1: "The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me: he hath sent me to preach to the meek, to heal the contrite of heart, and to preach a release to the captives, and deliverance to them that are shut up."

Ruth 1:14-16: "Ruth stuck close to her mother in law. And Noemi said to her: Behold thy kinswoman is returned to her people, and to her gods, go thou with her. She answered: Be not against me, to desire that I should leave thee and depart: for whithersoever thou shalt go, I will go: and where thou shalt dwell, I also will dwell. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God."

Psalm 33:19: "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a contrite heart: and he will save the humble of spirit."

When these humble and contrite men and women died, if they were faithful to His covenant, they went to a place in hell called the "Limbo of the Fathers", also known as "Abraham's Bosom" (St. Luke 16:22), unless they first had to pass through Purgatory (1st St. Peter 3:19-20).  These are the places referred to in prophecy by Isaias, where Christ would descend at his death and preach release, allowing the souls detained therein to enter heaven and enjoy God.

To learn more about how God converts those who do not yet know Him, please read Natural Law and Conscience and Can non-Catholics pray to God?.

Q. God is VERY STRANGE,VERY MYSTERIOUS! Can we humans ever REALLY know Him and figure Him out and understand Him ?

A. Only insofar as we are able to as limited creatures. In heaven, even though we shall see Him as He is, we will still not fully understand God, because a limited being can never fully understand an unlimited being.  That is why the dogmas of the Christian religion (such as the Trinity and the Incarnation) are referred to as "The Sacred Mysteries".  Only God can fully comprehend Himself.

Q. And why do we always refer to Him as being MALE/as if God is MALE ?

A. God is neither male, nor female, since He is a spirit. Furthermore, there are passages of Scripture that refer to God in motherly terms, thus signifying that all that is good of both men and women is to be found in and comes from God.

We call God "Him", however, on account of that He created the man in His image before He created the woman, and gave him primacy of authority over her. This primacy of authority of the man over the woman is a figure of the primacy of God over His Church, indeed over the entire human race, and thus, we call God "Him" because it gives us the relevant perspective.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bread and Circuses

Wikipedia: "This phrase originates from Rome in Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal (circa 100 AD ). In context, the Latin phrase panem et circenses (bread and circuses) identifies the only remaining cares of a Roman populace which has given up its birthright of political involvement. Here Juvenal displays his contempt for the declining heroism of his contemporary Romans. Roman politicians devised a plan in 140 B.C. to win the votes of the poor: giving out cheap food and entertainment, "bread and circuses", would be the most effective way to rise to power."

(please indulge the following quotation; you will understand why I cited it in just a moment)

Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun, July 18, 2011: "TORONTO - Are Toronto fans the most loyal and financially supportive in all of sports — or are they just the biggest suckers?

"In the wake of a recent ESPN report labelling Toronto the worst sports city in North America — and on the field ESPN was bang on with its assessment — what is difficult to quantify is the correlation between ticket sales, revenue and team performance in this city.

"What may actually be true is this: Toronto sports fans will pay more for less than anyone anywhere else in the sports world. That should, by some definition, label them, us, as one of the best, not worst, sport cities in terms of actual dollars generated. The generosity of the Toronto sports fan appears unmatched anywhere.

"And who else supports such junk so regularly and so willingly?

"Of all that is baffling in this town that celebrates but barely reaches .500, nothing makes less sense than Toronto FC, that annual embarrassment of a soccer team.

"It is bad enough that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment thrust the high-priced Maple Leafs and now locked out Raptors upon this populous: MLSE’s inability to do anything but make money takes on a whole new proportion when it comes to its soccer team.

"This is Year 5 for FC in Major League Soccer. FC has never been any good and this is the worst season yet. The team has never won more than 10 of 30 games and has all of three wins this year.

"And you know what?

"Toronto FC is 3rd in the MLS in attendance, down all of 577 a game from a season high a year ago. For reasons no one can really explain, we just accept this garbage and harrumph about it from time to time. We make a little noise, we threaten, we phone the local radio station, we talk about protesting, and then, when all that is done, we buy tickets.

"Because we don’t have anything better to do."

The above article is a most interesting admission on behalf of this sports writer, who certainly did not realize what he was saying.  He basically admits that the people of Toronto have assumed the role of cattle, which are milked by the upper class elites.  Their continual spending of money in search of their "circuses" has essentially given the powerful men who run the show the licence to run a mediocre show, without needing to be dynamic, or fun or creative.

Let's parallel this with the many other forms of garbage that pass as entertainment in this wretched continent, and we will see more of the same.

Well let's have a little talk about the kinds of people who follow sports (not just Toronto sports, but professional sports in general), or movies, bands and "pop culture" in general:

1) They are often quite mentally capable, whizzes with numbers and statistics, having the memory of a steel trap.  They can remember their favorite team's roster for the past seven years, how many championships they won, and which players were on the field for each win.  Or they can easily list off all the tour dates for their favorite band, let alone flawlessly recite the lyrics of their entire discography.

2) They (collectively) command great resources, paying for high priced tickets, box seats, drinks, food, memorabilia, etc.

Isn't it pretty obvious?  You, the people, are inherently capable, and powerful, indeed commanding a collective wealth of resources, that united for justice, would put the crooked politicians packing (or better still, behind bars).  But you need to shake off the chains that (you allow to) bind you before you can realize this power.

Forget about "your" sports teams and rock bands, "your" Hollywood stars and amusement parks.  Most of all, forget about "your" elected officials, because it is very clear that they do not have the people's best interest at heart, but their own pocket books and those of their wealthy friends.  Get interested in real issues and educate yourself on them, so that you redirect your efforts and resources to educating others.  Gain knowledge of what's going on in the world, and do something positive and constructive about it, rather than exchanging your natural God-given human rights for mere bread and circuses.

Mr. Simmons, might as well have said: "The US Federal Government is broke, and knew they were heading there, but went on a spending spree just the same. For reasons no one can really explain, we just accept this garbage and harrumph about it from time to time. We make a little noise, we threaten, we phone the local radio station, we talk about protesting, and then, when all that is done, we vote in more of the same."

It's not time for a new President, Governor, etc., but for a new socio-politico-economic system, which is in line with Natural Law and God's revealed religion.  And by the way, this does not apply only to the United States:

Justice E.A. Marshall, Justice of The Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta [MP Wilton Littlechild v. Citizens of Canada, Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta Docket No. 9012000725, Dec 10, 1990]: "I know of no legal duty on an elected representative at any level of government to consult with his constituents or determine their views. While such an obligation may generally be considered desirable, there is no legal requirement."

What Must You Do To Get to Heaven?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Your children or the State's children? Stop CPS before they even target you.

Also posted today:
5th Sunday After Pentecost (Instructions on Anger, Sacrifice)

Please read also:
The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Contract of Marriage
Marriage "Licenses" form an unnatural and immoral partnership between the couple and the UNITED STATES
No power but from God: and those that are, are ordained of God

The following NOTICE is to be served upon the State government who issued a "marriage license". Since many people who have since come out of the many false sects (SSPX, SSPV, Novus Ordo, CMRI, etc) had been married in those churches occupied by these or other groups, the document below is tailored to reflect this.  At least some modifications to the document may be necessary, since no two cases are alike, but it is designed to be as generic and broad-scoped as possible.

I recommend that readers look up any terms they are unfamiliar with before acting on any of this information, and also read and understand the notion of all power coming from God.  Disclaimer:  I have never had to do this, as I never married.  I do not envy those who are married and who have given this power over their marriages and children to the government, and I cannot predict the persecution that might result from attempting to rescind the government's power over your marriage.  This is to be regarded as untested information, and as always with anything DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE.  And then act in the best interest of your family's souls.


They are often masters of misrepresentation and distortion in order to steal your children.  Do not let them in.  Do not tell them anything.  Ask them questions only, but otherwise, keep your mouth SHUT.  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE DISTORTED AND MISREPRESENTED IN A KANGAROO COURT IN ORDER TO STEAL YOUR CHILDREN. If the State gets your children, they will be raised as slaves to vice, likely to become thugs, homosexuals, lawyers, politicians, or all of the above.  CPS exists to drag children into Hell, whether they realize it or not.  Put yourself in a position where they cannot even (lawfully) act on a search warrant:

of State of ______________ Marriage License/Certificate
and Affidavit of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right

Certified Mail ___________________________________ (Return Receipt Requested)

We, _____________________ and _____________________, do hereby jointly and severally agree and affirm to RESCIND, REVOKE, and MAKE VOID ab initio the State of ______________ marriage license No. _______ and marriage certificate issued on the _____ day of ______________ in the year of Our Lord _______, by the Court of ______________  in the State of ______________, which bears names similar to ours in all capital letters.

Marriage is a covenant agreement between us and Almighty God, Our Creator, (Genesis 2:21-25; Ephesians 5:23-33); our marriage cannot be granted permission to exist by the State of ______________; neither can the same State nor any other State nor governmental entity have any legal jurisdiction over our marriage, family, or children.

Almighty God, Our Creator, has given custody of children to parents (Psalms 127:3) and it is the parents' sole right and responsibility under God's Law to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:1-4).

God has brought us to UNDERSTAND through our research that:

1. A marriage license/certificate is an agreement in which the State is the third party partner alleging plenary interest in all that a marriage produces, including the alleged right to raise the children as it sees fit.

A state-issued marriage license/certificate would therefore give the State and its agents a quasi-legal jurisdiction over marriages, families, and children, which would violate the law of God. Our understanding is revealed in part due to the holdings of the following state case law:

Potter v. Potter, 101 Fla. 1199, 133 So. 94 (1931): "[T]he State is a party interest in every marriage contract..."

Ritchie v. White, 225 N.C. 450, 35 S.E.2d 414 (1945): "There are three parties to a marriage contract -- the husband, the wife and the State. For this reason marriage is denominated a status, and certain incidents are attached thereto by law which may not be abrogated without the consent of the third party, the State."

Kasal v. Kasal, 227 Minn. 529, 35 N.W.2d 745 (1949): "Marriage is a civil contract, to which there are three parties: the husband, the wife, and the State."

Blackman v. Iles, 4 N.J. 82, 89 (1950): "The legislature, in dealing with the subject of marriage, has plenary power, as marriage differs from ordinary common law contracts, and is subject to control and regulation by the state."

2. The State of ______________ is a Common Law state. [Blog author’s note:  Louisiana is NOT a common law state, but a civil law state, therefore common law arguments will be to no effect, though Biblical arguments are still the highest law, when carefully and properly stated, and of course the Louisiana version of the UCC can and should be invoked also.]

3. Under Common Law and the UCC a contract has legal effect and force when it is made, but is liable to be subsequently voided, annulled, and/or revoked through the process of rescission. Circumstances or features that make a contract voidable include (1) lack of signature and/or consent on the part of one or more of the parties; (2) lack of free will of a contracting party and/or presence of one contracting party's undue influence over the other, (3) non-disclosure of one or more material facts, and (4) constructive fraud and/or misrepresentation.

Therefore, this notice of Rescission and Revocation is at least partially based upon our rights with respect to the State of ______________'s fraud and misrepresentation, as established in, but not limited to:

Tyler v. Secretary of State, 184 A2d 101 (1962) and El Paso Natural Gas Co. v. Kysar Insurance Co., 605 P2d 240 (1979): "Constructive fraud as well as actual fraud may be the basis of cancellation of an instrument."

4. Furthermore, the State of ______________ never obtained our original signatures on the application for marriage license and, therefore, has never obtained our consent to the terms of the marital license/certificate. For this reason, we therefore rescind and revoke and make void, ab initio, the marriage license/certificate mentioned in the opening paragraph of this NOTICE.

5. There existed a lack of free will on our part due to the State of ______________'s undue influence over us, through its control of church-sanctioned marriages, in which the State instructs churches to refuse to marry couples who do not obtain a state-issued marriage license/certificate. For this reason, also therefore, do we rescind, revoke
 and make void, ab initio, the aforementioned marriage license/certificate.

6. The State of ______________ did not disclose numerous material facts, including but not limited to the fact that a state-issued marriage license/agreement is an agreement in which the State is the third party partner alleging plenary interest in all that our marriage produces, including the alleged right to raise our children as it sees fit. For this reason also, therefore, do we rescind, revoke and make void, ab initio, the aforementioned marriage license/certificate.

7. The State of ______________ engaged in constructive fraud and/or misrepresentation by purposefully hiding the material facts of the state-issued marriage license/certificate from us and the general public. For this reason also, therefore, do we rescind, revoke and make void, ab initio, the aforementioned marriage license/certificate.

Whereas the State purported to enter into a contract with us without our signatures or consent, without our free will and with the State's undue influence, without full disclosure on the part of the State and with constructive fraud and/or misrepresentation on the part of the State;

THEREFORE let it be known that we, _____________________ and _____________________, do hereby RESCIND, REVOKE, and MAKE VOID, ab initio, the aforementioned State of ______________ marriage license/certificate, which proposed to defraud, extort, and cheat us of our God-given right as parents, constitutionally guaranteed rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

We INTEND and DO the following:

1. Rescind, revoke and make void ab initio, all powers of attorney, in fact or otherwise, implied in law or otherwise, signed/authorized either by me or anyone else, as it pertains to the said Marriage License, the Application for said the Marriage License, and/or the said MarriageCertificate.

2. Rescind, revoke and make void ab initio any alleged claim that the State asserts regarding its alleged rights and jurisdiction over our marriage, our family, and our children.

3. Waive any privileges and/or benefits acquired through the State of ______________ marriage license/certificate.

4. Release the State of ______________, the federal government, and any and all governmental entities of any and all responsibility, obligation, or jurisdiction for the care, welfare, education, or training of any and all of our children.

5. Voluntarily dissolve the aforementioned State of ______________ marriage license/certificate and return the said State marriage license/certificate with this Rescission and Revocation.

6. Maintain our God-sanctioned Marriage by covenant under Common Law and covenant under God, Our Creator, to act responsibly for our lives and all our children born to us in this marriage.

7. Thereby, CLAIM and ASSERT our NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN and BIBLICALLY-BASED RIGHTS to control our marital and familial affairs and to raise our children WITHOUT ANY INTERFERENCE FROM THE STATE WHATSOEVER.

We hereby swear and certify that all of the above is true to the best of our knowledge and affix our own signatures with explicit reservation of ALL our  natural and unalienable rights, without prejudice to ANY of our rights (U.C.C. 1-308).

Failure to refute the claims made herein, in a notarized, sworn affidavit, under full commercial liability and penalty of perjury, within a period of TEN DAYS from the date of service of this NOTICE, will constitute tacit agreement and result in permanent and irrevocable estoppel, prohibiting the State from attempting to exercise any alleged authority in the matters herein discussed.

Signature 1:


____________________________, Husband

Signature 2:


____________________________, Wife



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3rd Sunday After Pentecost

Read the whole article for a discourse on the evils of drunkenness.

What Must You Do To Get to Heaven?