Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Seven Dolours of Mary

Please be sure to understand the Most Holy Virgin Mother of God is not a "co-redeemer" or a "co-redemptress", as there is no such thing.  Her sacrifices were not "added to the holocaust" of Christ, which was necessarily of infinite value and by which (as the Catholic Church has solemnly defined) He alone laid low the devil, cancelled sins and opened Heaven to man.

Rather, her sacrifice of suffering is like that of the saints and martyrs, gaining for us a treasure of divine favour, which they ask of God for us through their intercession, with the addition that (due to her unparalleled closeness to Jesus, great perfection and conformity to the will of God) no creature, nor even the totality of all other creatures' merits put together, has ever merited as much favour from God as that which the Mother of God merited.

(From St. Alphonsus' Glories of Mary)

(From St. Alphonsus' Glories of Mary)


St. Simeon's Prophesy

The Flight of Jesus into Egypt

The Loss of Jesus in the Temple

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Mary Meets Jesus as He Goes to His Death

The Death of Jesus

The Pierced Side of Jesus, His descent from the Cross

The Burial of Jesus

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