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Benedict XVI and a new round of heresy and communion with heretics

In the address below, we find Benedict XVI breaking all the rules.

1.  He commits the schismatical sin of communion in religious matters with heretics
2.  He gives the title of "Bishop" to a man who not only has never been consecrated but is not even ordained a priest!
3.  He cites the anniversary 95 theses of the original Protestant heretic Martin Luther as a moment deserving of celebration!
4.  He plainly calls heretics Christians (not fallen Christians, but Christians as though their prayers are acceptable to God)!

Anybody who believes Benedict XVI is pope or that the Novus Ordo/Vatican II construct is the Catholic Church, after seeing this, well, come on, we've already seen enough.  You bloody well know better and you are just making excuses.  If you already believe the Catholic Faith is true, then you have NO excuse to be following this God-hating man of sin.

Benedict XVI, Address to Lutheran “Pastor and Bishop” Johannes Friedrich and his Delegation from the United Evangelical Lutheran "Church" of Germany, January 24, 2011: "Dear Bishop Friedrich, Dear Friends from Germany, I extend a cordial welcome to all of you, who represent the leaders of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany, to the Apostolic Palace, and I am delighted that you have come to Rome as a Delegation at the end of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Thereby you also show that our deep longing for unity can only bear fruit if it is rooted in common prayer."

Benedict XVI, in the passage above, not only called a man "Bishop" who is devoid of Holy Orders, but who is a heretic and calls him and his followers alike friends, despite that they flatly reject the Divine truths of the Catholic religion and the authority of the Church's two most recent Ecumenical Councils. Aside from being friends with these heretics, he goes so far as to profess that prayer in common with them is good.  Benedict XVI (as should have been obvious long ago) has no problem, then, praying to the devils of heretics.

1st Corinthian 10:20: "But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils."

Benedict's Address, cont'd: "I would like to thank you, dear Bishop, in particular, for your words, that with great sincerity, express the common effort for deeper unity among all Christians..."

Benedict clearly implies here that Lutherans are Christians.

Benedict's Address, cont'd: "[L]et us turn our gaze together to the year 2017, which recalls the posting of Martin Luther’s theses on Indulgences 500 years ago.  On that occasion, Lutherans and Catholics will have the opportunity to celebrate throughout the world a common ecumenical commemoration,"

Absolutely flabbergasting!   The sheer boldness of this statement is unparalleled!  Antipope Benedict XVI is willing to CELEBRATE an event that has led to the damnation of countless MILLIONS of souls!

Benedict's Address, cont'd: "to strive for fundamental questions at the global level, not – as you yourself have just said – in the form of a triumphant celebration, but as a common profession of our faith in the Triune God, in common obedience to Our Lord and to his Word."

Evidently Benedict XVI realizes that his "church", the Vatican II sect, has much in common with heretical Lutheranism.  Make no mistake, both are hellish sect of perdition.  Furthermore, as a man pretending to be a Catholic pope, Benedict fails to play the part adequately when he states that Lutherans and "Catholics" share a common obedience to God.  Heretics, by definition are NOT obedient to God.

Pope Paul III, Council of Trent,Session 7, canon 4, ex cathedra: " If any one saith, that the baptized are, by baptism itself, made debtors but to faith alone, and not to the observance of the whole law of Christ; let him be anathema."

Benedict's Address, cont'd: "We must give an important place to common prayer and to interior prayer addressed to our Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of mutual wrongs and for culpability of mutual wrongs and for culpability relative to the divisions.  Part of this purification of conscience is the mutual exchange appraising the 1,500 years that preceded the Reformation, and which we therefore have in common.”

Benedict XVI profess that the Catholic Church was culpable for causing division.  This is not so, but rather the Protestants' rejection of the laws of God given through His Church is why they left of their own accord.

So the antipope of the post-Catholic "church" desires to celebrate and commemorate the 95 theses of heresy.  Further, he desires to pray with the gates of hell (the death dealing tongues of heretics - pope Vigilius, Second Council of Constantinople, AD 553).  He declares heretics to be Christians ("express the common effort for deeper unity among all Christians").  Finally, he declares that the One Bride of Christ has a common profession with heretics ("a common profession of our faith (heretics do not have faith, they have lost faith) in the Triune God, in obedience [heretics are not obedient to Christ - they do not even worship Him) to Our Lord and His Word").  

He claims to be a successor of Peter, but this is NOT how the successors of the Holy Apostles talk about heretics.

Pope Leo X, Exsurge Domine (Condemning the Errors of Martin Luther): "We have been informed that after this previous missive had been exhibited in public and the interval or intervals it prescribed had elapsed [60 days]—and we hereby give solemn notice to all faithful Christians that these intervals have and are elapsed—many of those who had followed the errors of Martin took cognisance of our missive and its warnings and injunctions; the spirit of a saner counsel brought them back to themselves, they confessed their errors and abjured the heresy at our instance, and by returning to the true Catholic faith obtained the blessing of absolution with which the self-same messengers had been empowered; and in several states and localities of the said Germany the books and writings of the said Martin were publicly burned, as we had enjoined.

"Nevertheless Martin himself—and it gives us grievous sorrow and perplexity to say this—the slave of a depraved mind, has scorned to revoke his errors within the prescribed interval and to send us word of such revocation, or to come to us himself; nay, like a stone of stumbling, he has feared not to write and preach worse things than before against us and this Holy See and the Catholic faith, and to lead others on to do the same.

"He has now been declared a heretic; and so also others, whatever their authority and rank, who have cared nought of their own salvation but publicly and in all men's eyes become followers of Martin's pernicious and heretical sect, and given him openly and publicly their help, counsel and favour, encouraging him in their midst in his disobedience and obstinacy, or hindering the publication of our said missive: such men have incurred the punishments set out in that missive, and are to be treated rightfully as heretics and avoided by all faithful Christians, as the Apostle says (Titus iii. 10-11)."

So much for these Lutheran heretics being obedient to our Lord and His Word as Antichrist says.  What a lie from the pit of hell!  It is no wonder that the Apocalypse calls the counterfeit Church a whore!

As we can see, there is no room for commemorations with slaves of depraved minds, and Lutheran stones of stumbling.  Yet, this is precisely what the antipope desires to commence in 2017 according to his own words reproduced above.

And as if it were not clear enough, Pope Pius IX quotes St. Cyprian, a renowned Father of the Early Church, saying that no heretic is to be named a Christian:

Pope Pius IX, Etsi Multa, 1873: "Hence it is from this Apostolic See, where blessed Peter "lives and presides and grants the truth of faith to those seeking it," that the rights of venerable communion flow to all"; and this same See "for the Churches spread throughout the whole world is certainly the head, as it were, of their members, from which if one cuts himself off, he becomes an exile from the Christian religion, as soon as he begins not to belong to its structure. Therefore the holy martyr Cyprian, writing about schism, denied to the pseudobishop Novatian even the title of Christian, on the grounds that he was cut off and separated from the Church of Christ. "Whoever he is," he says, "and whatever sort he is, he is not a Christian who is not in the Church of Christ. Let him boast and preach his philosophy and eloquence with a proud voice; he who does not have fraternal charity and does not retain ecclesiastical unity, loses also what he previously had.""

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