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Baptism of Desire and Trent's Decree Concerning Original Sin

Perhaps the simplest argument against baptism of desire:

Council of Trent, Session 5, Decree Concerning Original Sin, #3, ex cathedra: "If any one asserts, that this sin of Adam,--which in its origin is one, and being transfused into all by propagation, not by imitation, is in each one as his own, --is taken away either by the powers of human nature, or by any other remedy than the merit of the one mediator, our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath reconciled us to God in his own blood, made unto us justice, sanctification, and redemption; or if he denies that the said merit of Jesus Christ is applied, both to adults and to infants, by the sacrament of Baptism rightly administered in the form of the Church; let him be anathema: For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved. Whence that voice; Behold the lamb of God behold him who taketh away the sins of the world; and that other; As many as have been baptized, have put on Christ."

But, but, but it doesn't say "if he denies that the merit is only applied by the sacrament..."  He didn't say only, so there!

Okay, so do you affirm or do you  deny that a person who allegedly "receives baptism of desire" receives the merit of Christ's passion applied to him by the sacrament of Baptism, rightly administered in the form of the Church?  Of course, the only logical and consistent answer for baptism of desire believers is "I deny it", because according to their position, the sacrament is never even conferred upon such a person.  Therefore they have to deny the dogma above, but a dogma is not permitted to be denied - EVER (hence they are wrong and heretical).

Pope Pius IX, Vatican Council, Session 3, Chapter 4, #14, ex cathedra: "Hence, too, that meaning of the sacred dogmas is ever to be maintained which has once been declared by Holy mother Church, and there must never be any abandonment of this sense under the pretext or in the name of a more profound understanding."

Therefore there can be only two possible answers:  Try to argue that the merit is applied by a means other than sacramental baptism, thus denying it, incurring anathema, as Trent threatened and go to hell for calling our Lord and His Church a liar, or affirm it, refusing to believe or speak heresy.  But when you affirm that he receives the merit of Christ's passion by "by the sacrament of Baptism rightly administered in the form of the Church", you no longer say he was saved by baptism of desire, which by definition is not the sacrament; you are free from the heresy of baptism of desire.

"Those who have learned theology well," says St. Basil, “will not allow even one iota of Catholic dogmas to be betrayed. They will, if necessary, willingly undergo any kind of death in their defence." (Apud. Theod., lib. 4, Hist. Eccl., c. xvii.) - The Catholic Dogma, Fr. Michael Muller

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