Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Needs Christ?

The question has a very simple answer.  Every person who ever came into the world needs Christ.  But to many, the doctrine of Christ is alien and strange.  It is not because Christianity is strange, but because there exist in their lives some debilitating sin or another than blinds them and keeps them from profitably seeking redemption in Christ Jesus.

As such, for those of us in the world who would hope to effectively evangelize those around us who reject Christ, it is expedient to start at the beginning.  In the beginning God formed man and one of the endowments he bestowed upon us was the conscience, the law written on the hearts of every man, the Natural Law.

Deep down, we know when we sin from when we do good, because our conscience either accuses or defends our actions.

We should not start by quoting the dogmas of the Church to infidels and heretics who are loaded with sins against morality, because these sins blind them and render them unfit to receive the truth, having been sent the operation of error, to believe lying.

Besides, when infidels and heretics hear "No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church" from men and women who live as they themselves do, rioting, drinking with abandon, defiling their dignity with unseemly speech, or tolerating or approving all these things, it matters little the weight of the truth behind the words.

Instead, we ought, rather, to shine as examples of Christian morality that they might see how Providence favours those who conduct themselves in humility, honesty, diligence and piety; who will not so much as permit themselves to utter a "white lie"; who will not suffer themselves to listen to or encourage gossip; who use the things of this world as is necessary and within reason, but never unreasonably or with abandon; whose speech is measured and chaste and who refuse to give ear to vulgarities, profanities or blasphemies, etc.  And we should admonish those who do such things in our presence.

When infidels and heretics see this in us, when they see at least that we strive day by day to live as such, then they will become interested in WHY.  They will ask questions, and for the love of God and of their souls, we ought to answer rightly.

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