Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vigil (Anticipated) of the Feast of All Saints

Today is the Vigil (Anticipated) of the Feast of All Saints.  This is so because the Church does not hold vigils on Holy Days of obligation, such as Feasts or Sundays, and hence the vigil is held on the Saturday before.

Today is a day of fasting, and all the baptized are bound by this precept, as they are all bound to the laws of the Church.  Heretics and Christians alike are bound to the laws of the Church.

"He who breaks a fast of the Church to which he is bound, does not sin mortally, unless he does this out of contempt and disobedience." - CONDEMNED in decrees of Sept. 24, 1665, and of March 18, 1666, by Pope Alexander VII (Denzinger 1123)

In other words, failing to observe the Church's fasts through culpable ignorance is not sufficient to exonerate one from sin.

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