Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catholics and Interracial Marriages

Every nationality is part of one and the same race: the human race, called to the fellowship of the children of God in the Catholic Church.  Once individuals have entered into this one true Faith of Jesus Christ, they are adopted children of the Most High God.  Who, then, would have the audacity to restrict marriages based upon skin colour or country of origin?  Such a thing is unheard of in the history of the Church.

Romans 10:12: "For there is no distinction of the Jew and the Greek: for the same is Lord over all, rich unto all that call upon him."

If it is lawful for a Catholic of one nationality to receive the sacraments from a bishop of another nationality, then it is lawful for a Catholic to enter into the sacrament of matrimony with a Catholic of another nationality.  To say otherwise would almost be an accusation that the Church has enforced eugenics.

Catholicism and American freedom: A History, John T. McGreevy, page 55: "In fact, the Vatican's insistence on the validity of interracial marriage and its opposition to rigid segregation laws made Roman authorities relatively tolerant of racial mixing and opposed to biological notions of racial inferiority."

Despite his able research, I obviously disagree on a couple points with Dr. McGreevy, for example, in that he considers Pius XII to be a valid pope, despite that he was actually an example of a eugenicist, with his teachings wherein he proposed birth control as lawful, and heretical on other matters as well.

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