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Comparing "Heliocentrism" with Reality is Just Bad Science

This article is a supplement to "The Theology of Cosmology", and it has been updated to exclude any support of using the term "heliocentrism" as an allowable term to describe the universe.  Furthermore, I reject the term "solar system" in favour of the term "terran system", which is much more accurate, as Terra Firma (i.e. the fixed earth) is in the center of the universe.  There is also a video at the end of this article that helps to illustrate the true nature of the relationship between the heavens and the earth.

It is extremely fitting that the earth should be both the spiritual center of the universe (i.e. it is the focus of God and His Heavenly Host, for thereon is found mankind, for whom heaven labours) and the physical center of the universe; God Himself dwelt and dwells on earth in Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity.

Geocentrism is in contrast to heliocentrism, which is the view that the earth rotates on its axis and, along with the other planets, revolves around the sun. Heliocentrism cannot be lawfully taught or held, and it is scientifically untenable to boot. Below are excellent points that have been made about the invalid arguments made (or not made) for helioentrism:

They avoid arguing from the moon

"The earth rotates around itself", Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Brahe, Newton and others have said.

The earth is said to rotate around itself counterclockwise. the moon orbits around the earth in the same direction, counterclockwise.

Average velocity of the moon in its orbit around the earth is around 1022 m/s and due to it the moon orbits the earth in 27.3 days.

Velocity of supposed rotation of the earth around itself at the equator must be approximately 463 m/s (approximately 40 000 km in 24 hours);

It is obvious that in case the earth rotates around itself at the equator* everyone would see and measure almost 50% slower orbit of the moon around the earth than it is (average velocity of 559 m/s (1022 m/s - 463 m/s) instead of 1022 m/s).

Which would necessarily give almost twice longer period of the moon's orbit around the earth to be expected i.e. 49.9 days or more than 3 weeks(!) longer period than it is.

* - on different geographical latitudes (bigger and smaller parallel circles around the earth) there would necessarily be different velocities due to the earth's rotation around itself; thus there would necessarily be seen and measured different seeable average velocities of the moon's orbit around the earth and necessarily calculated different values for expected period of the moon's orbit around the earth.

However, after 27.3 days everyone would see that The Moon has made full circle in the sky and around the earth so that the calculation according to seeable orbit of the moon around the earth is mathematically correct but doesn't correspond to the real orbit of the moon around the earth.
And that would be a clear proof that the earth rotates around itself.

In reality there is no such misleading calculation i.e. calculations (for different geographical latitudes) of the moon's orbit around the earth. Hence it necessarily follows that the earth doesn't rotate around itself.

They argue from fraud!

"But there are experimental proofs for the rotation of the earth, such as the Foucault Pendulum", some will say.

Many "astronomers" cite the Foucault pendulum experiment that was carried out in Paris in 1851 as PROOF that the earth turns. It's a pity that the NASA space program has not provided them with more recent proof. Here is a quote from a 36-year veteran of the space program with a Ph.D., in astronomy from the University of Michigan:

"Proof of earth's turning, or rotation, didn't come until 1851, more than two millennia after Heraclides (researchers didn't have much government funding back then, so progress was slow). The proof came from a big French swinger: a heavy metal ball suspended from the ceiling above the floor of the Pantheon (a church) in Paris on a 200-foot wire. The ball is called a Foucault pendulum, after the French physicist who came up with the plan. If you kept an eye on the pendulum as it swung back and forth all day, you could see that the direction taken by the swinging ball across the floor gradually changed, as though the floor was turning underneath it." (Maran, Astronomy for Dummies, p. 42).

So by 1851, despite Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler no proof existed of the rotation of the earth.

Léon Foucault invented a contrivance that supposedly PROVED the rotation of the earth. The Foucault pendulum was just a hoax:

Foucault's Pendulum (Foucault's Fraud) hanging from the ceiling in the church of the Pantheon in Paris.

Foucault was a failure at everything he did until Louis Napoleon became his patron. Louis was the nephew of the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and became president of France in 1848. In 1851, he abolished civil liberties and declared himself dictator of France.

Foucault's Pendulum had a specially rigged device on top to make it sway a certain way. This bit of incredibly simple engineering was not visible from the floor, of course. But in front of this display was a big sign which read: COME SEE THE PROOF THAT THE EARTH IS TURNING!!

The French scientific community were not amused by Foucault's folly and refused to make him a member of the French Academy. Pressure from the emperor finally caused them to relent and two years before his death, Foucault was finally made a member of that august body.

They argue from FICTION (and illogically so)!

"The earth rotates around itself", Galileo insisted.

Two centuries after Galileo, Gustave Coriolis discovered that if man rotated with constant speed with respect to any real straight motion, he perceived virtual motion (curved to the left or to the right of real straight motion) where there was real straight motion. This is called the Coriolis effect.

If the earth permanently rotates around itself in 24 hours then obviously we all who live on the earth permanently rotate with it.  So from our presumed permanent rotation on the earth and from the above law discovered by Coriolis, it necessarily follows that we should not be able to perceive any straight motions as such, but should see only virtual motions curved to the left or to the right of real straight motions.  But we see many obviously straight motions for what they are, real straight motions, that is, we see many motions and things exactly as they are; as they happen, and not curved as they should so appear due to the alleged 463 m/s rotation that the earth is supposed to have.

So either the earth doesn't rotate or Coriolis effect (Coriolis "force") doesn't twist motions. Or neither one happens.

If the Coriolis effect twists motions then almost no straight motion would exist not only on or near the earth allegedly permanently rotating but also during any real rotation with constant speed. And that manifestly isn't true. Thus Coriolis effect isn't real but only virtual or fictitious; it only mathematically describes the twisted appearance of motions in systems rotating with constant speed but not any real twisting.

But as you can easily find out on the internet, it is claimed the contradictory: that Coriolis effect (Coriolis force) twists motions. Why not motions of people, vehicles etc. but only of water, clouds, winds etc. it seems nobody has bothered to explain that one!

Therefore, by Coriolis effect (way more often called Coriolis force, usually without mentioning it is virtual or fictitious force or, on rare occasions when that is mentioned, with wrong explanation of that) no one can prove rotation of the earth but can only prove the contradictory: that the earth doesn't rotate around itself, that is, that the earth is at rest.

Don't be put to rout with Galileo and other Galileos: followers of his most famous falsity mentioned above. Also, there is even way greater danger than just a shame of being put to rout and proven manifestly false. Seek and you shall find it.

And since when does falsity belongs to science?

Have you ever wondered why before 16th and 17th century (Copernicus, Galileo etc.) in all developed civilizations there was considerable knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and other sciences and why in all those civilizations the opinion that the earth rotates was never widespread anywhere among the scientists but the contrary opinion, i.e. that the earth is at rest, was the standard everywhere?

Now when it is manifest that denial of the alleged rotation of the earth is not any kind of modern extravagant innovation, but rather the truth persistently acknowledged by almost all scientists and other learned men for a few thousand years (up to 16th and 17th century), you should ask yourself: against whom principally and why is it that Galileo's falsity permanently and persistently used by his followers?

There is no rotation of the earth around itself nor orbit of the earth around the sun. These are heliocentric lies. But there is way greater danger than just a shame of being put to rout and proven manifestly false. Seek and you shall find it.

Video for you (note I claim no association with this man, nor agreement with any of his opinions, save that of earth being fixed at the center of the universe):

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