Monday, June 21, 2010

Contra Bizzaro, Material Heresy

Mike Bizzaro of Immaculata-One believes that every dogma of the Catholic Church must be know by all, or salvation of the soul is impossible and he explicitly denies the existence of material heresy.

He quotes many Scriptures, such as these to support his opinion:

1 Corinthians 14:38: "But if any man know not, he shall not be known"

2 Saint John 1:9: "Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son."

And others.  But he is pigeonholing these verse to try and support his bogus conclusions.  For example, the verse from Paul to the Corinthians, in context, is talking about those with the gift of prophesy and the gift of speaking in tongues.  He is not talking about doctrine, nor did he say that "If any man know not every point of doctrine, he shall be damned"!

The second verse I have presented, which Mike uses to try and establish his new "dogma" speaks very clearly about those who REVOLT against the doctrine of Christ.

That is not to say that all heretics must necessarily be revolting willingly to be separated from the way of salvation.  This is evidently clear from the Council of Florence dogmatically promulgating the Athanasian Creed as well as from constant Tradition.  To learn more on the important distinction to be made, please read this:

Heresy was always false, but not necessarily always heresy
But Mike does not acknowledge with St. Augustine that Catholics who err materially on points not contained in the Creed, so long as this is not done out of malice or with the will to oppose the Church, are not counted guilty of the sin of heresy (though such people are nevertheless to be reproved - and if they deny the need to change their opinions, then they ARE heretics).

To make matters worse, he does not even stop there, but he claims that those who have not come to know ALL dogmas, even if they hold no false opinion whatsoever, are heretics and cannot be saved.

Here is a screenshot of his website, proving that he believes this:

I included the top portion where it says to ask for a Catholic source so that it can be seen that this man is incredibly and blatant disingenuous.  We have already proposed to him our arguments through private correspondence, as has been previously posted in this article:

And his only response was "Nice try Jew". No rebuttal, no refutation. No reasoning at all of any kind. He basically said: "Na na na na naaa naaa, I can't heeear yooou!" Rather than answering our arguments, he said that people should just block email from us. Never mind that he can't answer.

And now he has recently made an addition to his website that actually proves our point!

Mike has evidently failed to understand that Pope Benedict made a clear distinction between "The Mysteries of Faith" in general and "those matters which must be known by necessity of means".  It is obvious that Pope Benedict was saying that not all ignorance of the Mysteries of Faith is mortally sinful, but only ignorance of those matters which must be known by necessity of means.  That's right, these people were ignorant of the Mysteries of Faith - and not just any Mysteries of Faith - EVEN THOSE SPECIFIC ONES that you cannot be saved without!  How much more clear can it be?

And as has been mentioned before, there are dogmas that Mike does not profess on his website; they are conspicuously missing. Mike does not teach the dogma that the Baptism of John is inferior to that of Christ (Trent, Session 7, Canons on Baptism, Canon 1), nor the dogma that Christ and the apostles had possessions truly their own (Pope John XII, Quum inter nonnullos).

By not teaching these dogmas he is failing at his own made up religion!

For the remainder of the Catholic sources and sound reasoning that show Mike to be inventing his own dogma based on an out of context distortion of the Athanasian Creed, please read this article:

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