Monday, June 14, 2010

Antipope and Schism Anticipated by Catholics after the Vatican Council

Excerpt from the 1873 book,

Previsions and Predictions
Impending General Calamities,
The Universal Triumph of the Church,
The Coming of Antichrist, The Last Judgment, and
The End of the World. 

"Moreover, any person able and willing to see and read, to hear and understand, the ominous signs of the time, must soon perceive and feel the anger and fury of the Father of Lies in consequence of the late very opportune and necessary dogmatical definition of the Pope’s personal infallibility as the visible head of the Church and supreme teacher of faith and sound morality. Lucifer, the first archheretic and schismatic, who began his rebellion in Heaven, is evidently bent upon revenge for his recent defeat upon Earth. He, the proud spirit, cannot brook that a mortal man should be made infallible by the spirit of truth, and more explicitly proclaimed as such by the late OEcumenical Council, whilst he is more than ever exposed as the father of lies, of all deceit and disorder. He hates truth and light. He is the implacable foe of subordination and order. In an infallible Pope he sees the very center of order, and the unerring teacher of all truth; hence his determined war through his tools and agents against him, and against the dreaded unity of the Church of the living God. Hence his wily efforts at present to create a schism through the election of an anti-pope.


"Lastly, God may permit this schism for the trial and purification of His holy Church, before rewarding her fidelity with the most splendid universal triumph over all of her visible enemies upon Earth, so often and so emphatically foretold as fast approaching by almost every remarkable prophetical seer of ancient and
modern times.

"Such being the case, it becomes self-evident that not only one, but very likely more than two, high and eminent ecclesiastical personages will be implicated in this probable schism. For no schism of this kind can be effected without the active concurrence of some of them."

The authors of the book did not anticipate that a pope might fall into heresy (or be shown to have been in heresy before "election"), but the Church has provided the teachings for us to know that if such a thing should occur, he is no longer the pope.

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