Sunday, June 13, 2010

Abjuration Supplement

Have you abjured yet?  Have you done it correctly according to the ancient discipline of the Church?  If so, here is what you have done:

1) Prepared a libellus (list of your previous heresies and schismatic associations, which you are about to publicly repudiate) and a profession of Faith (e.g. the Profession of Faith from the Councils of Trent and the Vatican).

2) Called together at least two individuals above the age of reason who have agreed to witness your abjuration.

3) Read your abjuration and the profession of Faith aloud under oath before your witnesses while your hand is on the Holy Gospels.

4) Date and sign your abjuration, then have your witnesses sign, which indicates that they witnessed you actually take your oath AND they witnessed you sign the hard copy thereof immediately following.

THAT is how abjuration is done.  Simply giving two "witnesses" the last page of your abjuration after you have signed it is not enough, if you have not read it aloud in their presence, with your hand on the Gospels.  It must be read aloud before two witnesses, thereby becoming a public profession.  This is what is called confessing Christ before men.

If your "witnesses" only sign it but do not hear you take your oath, then what have they "witnessed"?  Nothing more than you handing them a document, and perhaps signing it but that's all.  If they did not publicly witness you take your oath and THEN back it up with your signature, then they did not witness you publicly profess your faith.

Just as a heretic loses office by the public profession of heresy, so too a convert regains his Catholicity by the PUBLIC repudiation of the same (Deut. 19:15, St. Matthew 18:16, 1st Corinthians 13:1), and by doing so according to the Catholic discipline of abjuration, fulfilling it as best as he is able.

Of course, since we have no bishops to accept an abjuration and give absolution, the best we can do is fulfill the discipline in full, and retain the document so that if it should ever come to pass that we meet a truly Catholic bishop or priest (which may never ever happen, and we should be prepared for this possibility), we may then give him the abjuration.  So long as two witnesses have been employed in the process, then it is a public profession, and that is what matters the most.

Just as it requires public heresy for heretical clergy to lose office, it requires public profession of faith to regain one's communion with the Catholic Church.  After that:

5) Do a good examination of conscience and make a GENERAL CONFESSION of all the sins you have committed in your life to a priest in the Heavenly Host (e.g. St. Dominic).  Remember that being outside the Church, you did not receive remission for any sins at all, no matter how many SSPX, CMRI, etc. heretics and schismatics you went to for confession - since you were still in the mortal sin of schism (either all sins are forgiven or none).

6) Do penance, yea, resolve to live a life of penance and avoid all sin.

Just because we have no known Catholic clergy does not mean that we cannot be saved.  We should pray the Rosary daily, begging for contrition for our sins.  We should make good examinations of conscience and progress in the virtues, so that we may not vainly hope to obtain the riches God has promised His faithful.

Due to the immensity of the great apostasy, however, it may be difficult for some to fulfill this discipline, since it is also a Church discipline that we may not commune with heretics and schismatics.  But bad willed heretics and schismatics want our approval, they want us to slip up and accept or condone their evil lives or beliefs, and thus drag us to hell also.  Considering this, if you do not know of any Catholics or good willed people you can abjure before, then you may abjure before non-Catholics if necessary BUT ONLY DO SO IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT that you will be under no temptation to commune with them in any way - otherwise, do the abjuration and profession of Faith ALOUD, UNDER OATH, on your own, SIGN IT AND DATE IT and keep it on hand, with the intention to get good willed witnesses to make it public as soon as possible (you could record yourself on video or audio if you wanted to).

Remember that abjuration is a discipline, and the Church did not institute disciplines so that we might imperil our salvation, but to help us secure it, by the fulfilling of justice and the removal of scandal.

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