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Antipope Pius XII, the Judeo Freemason: Supplement

This article is a supplement to previous articles on Pius XII.

Antipope Pius XII, the Judeo Freemason

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This article is offered in response to an email I received. The email basically reads as follows: "I only just found your website, within the last few days. The picture of "Pius XII" using the devil symbolism is very interesting, but can you tell me, in depth, what other information you have that proves he was a "Freemason"?"

The following quotes serve to clearly demonstrate the apparent Masonic agenda of Antipope Pius XII, using his own words, spoken in the capacity of his "office" as (anti)pope. But before we get into them, it is well to recall that the Freemasonic establishment's primary goal is the establishment of one world government; a New World Order. In this Order there would be no place for the Catholic religion, since the government of the world state would serve as the final arbiter on all matters, including those of morality. This is easily seen to be their aim when one considers how steadily the State has marched forward in its agenda to protect and even encourage and educate children and youth in all manner of sins, contrary to God's eternal natural law, by means of the media, schools and universities and legislation.

Antipope Pius XII, Christmas Message of 1942: "Mankind owes that vow to the countless dead who lie buried on the field of battle: The sacrifice of their lives in the fulfillment of their duty is a HOLOCAUST offered for a NEW AND BETTER SOCIAL ORDER."

World War II cannot in any way be considered progress towards any kind of order that a Catholic ought to desire for the world or for individual states.

Antipope Pius XII, Proofs for the Existence of God in the Light of Modern Natural Science, 1951, #19: "The first very modest attempt to break down the nucleus (of nitrogen) goes back to hardly more than three decades ago, and it is ONLY IN RECENT YEARS that it has been possible, by bringing into play tremendous forces, to produce very numerous processes involving the formation and the breaking down of nuclei. Although this result-which, insofar as it contributes to the cause of peace, is certainly to be inscribed among the glories of our century-represents in the field of practical nuclear physics no more than a preliminary step, nevertheless, it provides for our consideration an important conclusion, namely, that atomic nuclei are indeed, by many orders of magnitude, more firm and stable than ordinary chemical compositions, but this notwithstanding, they are also, in principle, subject to similar laws of transformation, and hence are mutable."

In other words, the NUCLEAR BOMB is one of the glories of the century because of its contribution to the cause of peace. Unbelievable as it may be, there is really no other way to understand this statement. Also note that he says nothing at all about how this very same technology was used by "bringing into play tremendous forces" against two Japanese cities "only in recent years" (six years previously to this 'encyclical').

Or did he mention it after all?

Antipope Pius XII, Proofs for the Existence of God in the Light of Modern Natural Science, 1951, #21: "Also, in modern physical laboratories, through bombardment with particles endowed with tremendous energy or with neutrons, successful efforts are being made to effect transformations of nuclei, as can be seen in the example of the atom of URANIUM. In this connection mention must also be made of the effects of cosmic radiation which can break down even the heaviest atoms, thus not infrequently liberating entire swarms of sub-atomic particles."

"The Hiroshima bomb, a gun-type bomb called "Little Boy", was made with URANIUM-235, a rare isotope of uranium extracted in giant factories in Oak Ridge, Tennessee." - Wikipedia

Was he specifically thinking of the bombing of Hiroshima? From his words it may be debatable, but the evidence is definitely there.  Add to that the following:

Antipope Pius XII, Christmas Message of 1944: "62. The decisions already published by international commissions permit one to conclude that an essential point in any future international arrangement would be the formation of an organ for the maintenance of peace, of an organ invested by common consent with supreme power to whose office it would also pertain to smother in its germinal state any threat of isolated or collective aggression.

"63. No one could hail this development with greater joy than he who has long upheld the principle that the idea of war as an apt and proportionate means of solving international conflicts is now out of date.

"64. No one could wish success to this common effort, to be undertaken with a seriousness of purpose never before known, with greater enthusiasm, than he who has conscientiously striven to make the Christian and religious mentality reject modern war with its monstrous means of conducting hostilities."

That is Orwellian doublespeak if there ever was such a thing!  In paragraph 62 he says decisions giving supreme  power to an organ (eventually the UN) whose office it would be to smother threats should be met with enthusiasm by those who reject monstrous modern war.  The organ he describes would be using the very same technology as the monstrous modern wars!

While it is true that none of this constitutes undeniable proof that Pacelli, a.k.a Pius XII was a Freemason, it is nevertheless MORE THAN SUFFICIENT to demonstrate UNDENIABLE PARALLELS between what he publicly espoused and what the Freemasonic establishment espouses (i.e eugenics, depopulation, etc.). Combine this with the heresies he taught in the links at the beginning of this article (and therefore the theological untenability of calling him a Catholic pope) and all of a sudden whether he was a "card carrying Mason" or not becomes irrelevant to every Christian's duty of rejecting him as a non-Catholic antipope.

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