Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feast Day of St. Hermenegild

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St. Hermenegild held to the orthodox Faith of the fathers, but was imprisoned for refusing to accept Arianism. He subjected himself to mortifications, and asked God to aid him in his struggles. During his captivity in the tower of Seville, an Arian bishop was sent to St. Hermenegild during the Easter Season, but he would not accept Holy Communion from the hands of that prelate. King Leovigild ordered him to be killed, and the axemen found him to be resigned to this end. He was martyred on April 13, 585.

Do we trivialize his holy death by receiving sacraments from prelates we know to profess heresy or to be in communion with heresy or schism?

Brave St. Hermenegild, pray for us, that we may rather die than to ever receive a sacrilegious communion from heretics or schismatics!

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