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Mike Bizzaro of Immaculata-one is a schismatic

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The following was a public response sent to Mike Bizzaro, whose website Immaculata-one teaches a false version of the Catholic Faith, one in which a person is a heretic for using the word "Jew" to describe the Old Testament Israelites (despite that Church approved Scripture versions in English use the term over and over), where any Catholic who falls into material heresy is ipso facto excommunicated, even if they have never seen the Church's teaching on the matter, and that anyone at all who holds an opinion which will later be condemned by the Church has heresy, or against a truth which has not yet been dogmatically defined by the Church is a heretic. This includes people such as St. Cyprian before baptism by heretics was defined as valid, or Pope John XXII before it was defined that souls go immediately to the Beatific Vision after death/Purgatory.

His teachings are illogical and demonstrate lack of reasonable and rational thinking. I have been in communication with him over the past several months, and it seemed as though he was a good willed soul seeking to promote the Truth. He had changed his position after being admonished on certain points, while others he left unanswered, and I assumed that he was either researching or praying further on the matter, but reading the email response I received after sending the message contained below (which read only: "Nice try jew" and that was in the subject line - there was no email body text), I have concluded that he is NOT interested in the Truth at all, or else he would at least venture to try to explain to me why he believes I am wrong.

I thank him for helping me to see that Benedict XV was a heretical antipope, but this in itself will not be of any use to him if he does not convert from his schism. Please be aware that I have not spoken to him in such a hard manner up until this email admonition:

Mike and Ms. DePalma, this is David. I am emailing you both to admonish you of the schism you are instigating against Catholic unity. I will respond to what you have said in your email, giving each position the response it demands, and by the way:

Please excuse what might, at first, look like harshness --> The reason for this: Heaven and Hell are forever.

And as it stands right now, you are definitely schismatic and on the road to hell. If I don’t here back from you this time, I am going to publicly denounce you and your website Immaculata-One, on my blog and on ‘Catholic” internet forums, in the hope that poor searching souls will not be dragged into your illogical schism against Catholic unity. Mike, I had realy hoped that I would be linking to your website to BRING people to the Faith, not warn them of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Mike’s last email said:

“All -

Please see attached two files.

I revised the abjuration, and didn't include any of the heresy from Dave such as the:

- "material heresy" heresy which is just the "ignorance saves" heresy in a different package
- Co-Redemptirx (sic) heresy
- "jews" are the people of the Old Testament heresy
- baptism of desire heresy

You can verify this is the case, and easily see the changes - in the file that has the words "blue markup". The original articles are in black and the changed articles are in blue, immediately following.

The file with "Rev 1" in the file name is the updated Abjuration ready for your use, print or e-mail to others.

You should block incoming e-mails from Dave and Franco.

thanks - Mike
Fortress of the just
Pray for us"

In another of Mike's emails:
“ The salvation or damnation of persons does not depend on the date/year when a Catholic doctrine is defined into a formal Dogma.”

Alright, one at a time, here we go (again):

"material heresy" heresy which is just the "ignorance saves" heresy in a different package"

No, Mike, it is not the “ignorance saves” heresy. Your position as a matter of fact is that ignorance of ANY dogma damns.

Are you telling me that a child in Catholic school in the 1700’s who doesn’t realize that the bread in the Eucharist becomes both the Body and the Blood of Christ is non-Catholic and going to hell, or a person who doesn’t realize that baptism administered by heretics is valid when done with the correct matter, form and intention? Or the person who believes Baptism may be received in desire as well as in water? Are you telling me that these people are non-Catholics, even if they willingly believe all the Church teaches, but simply have never seen these teachings? Mike these people, as long as they hold what has been defined as “The Catholic Faith, whole undefiled” are still Catholic, and can be saved.

Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, ex cathedra: “Whoever wills to be saved, before all things it is necessary that he holds the catholic faith. Unless a person keeps this faith whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish eternally. The catholic faith is this…” And the Athanasian Creed follows.

Where in this Creed does he say anything about the Eucharist? Or Baptism? It does not. Why? Because these are not “Necessary dogmas” they are not things that every human person must know for salvation. But those things in the Creed are such necessary dogmas, as indicated by the words at the end of it:

This is the catholic faith. Unless a person believes it faithfully and firmly, he cannot be saved.”

Do you see?

This does not make it an allowable opinion that baptism is invalid when performed correctly by heretics, nor is it an allowable opinion to believe that baptism may be received in desire, nor is it an allowable opinion that the bread becomes only the body and not the Blood also. But a person MUST BE AWARE that their opinion in those matters (or any others not contained in the Creed) is in contradiction to the teachings of the Church in order to be guilty of the sin of heresy. The MATTER is present, which is the mistaken belief, but the FORM is not, which is the movement of the will against what the Church teaches.

“The salvation or damnation of persons does not depend on the date/year when a Catholic doctrine is defined into a formal Dogma.”

This error of yours is closely bound to the one above. According to this belief, anyone who has ever believed a proposition that would later be condemned by the Magisterium is a heretic even if the Magisterium will not speak on the matter for centuries to come.

Do you believe this? Do you also believe, then, that anyone who communes with such a person is also outside of the Church?

According to your schismatic position, then, which has NO PRECEDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH, you have to say that St. Cyprian was a heretic, since he believed and taught everyone in his diocese that the baptism administered by heretics was always invalid (which has subsequently been condemned as heresy), and he continued to insist on converts being baptized, even if they already had been.

No Mike. He was not a heretic at all. Pope St. Stephen I admonished him on his belief, he did not change it, and yet he was never excommunicated, and was later canonized. So was Pope St. Stephen I ipso facto out of the Church for KNOWINGLY allowing a "heretical" Bishop to teach and practice his "heresy"?

Or do you pull your head out of your prideful behind and realize that YOU ARE WRONG, and that heresy is only a proposition which is contrary to a doctrine held by the Church as Divinely revealed?

If not, you have to reject every Saint or Church Father or Doctor who has ever taught baptism of desire or baptism of blood, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Alphonsus (who was most likely framed), St. Gregory Nanzianzus, St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, etc. etc. Not to mention you have to reject Pope John XXII (22) as a heretic for teaching that the Blessed do not immediately go to heaven after death/Purgatory. I wonder why the Church has continued to recognize these men as Catholic?

“baptism of desire heresy”

You are a liar for saying I hold this heresy. I am a staunch defender of the dogma of the absolute necessity of the Sacrament of Baptism for salvation, as anybody who looks at my blog for more than 60 seconds will realize. Perhaps you included this in your list because of your schismatic false understand of material heresy and of exactly what constitutes heresy?

“Co-Redemptirx (sic) heresy”

Here again is proof that Mike refuses to allow reason to prevail over his irrationality and pride. He has rightly rejected the term "co-Redemptrix" as heretical, but he is in fact illogical in doing so, because he holds that Leo XIII was then a true pope (which is false, Leo XIII was NEVER pope), but completely ignores that the first time that the term "co-Redemptrix" was ever used and defined in the Church was by that very man. Why has Mike not rejected Leo XIII as a heretic if he's so convinced that the term itself is heretical. I had heretically defended the title, and was wrong to do so, and I no longer will defend it.  Please read the article "Blessed Virgin Mary, Co-Redeemer?", and my retractions.

""jews" are the people of the Old Testament heresy”

Okay Mike, you know that heresy is a contradiction to a doctrine that is held as Divinely revealed. So do tell me O illogical schismatic, why then you claim it to be a dogma that a person cannot call the Old Testament Israeiltes “Jews”? You are CORRECT that the jews of today DO NOT WORSHIP God, but satan - so why don't you use those words to express the point? You didn't, instead you went too far with it and came out on the other side as a schismatic for calling people heretics who refer to the Old Testament Israelites as Jews, which is WHAT THEY ARE CALLED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT OVER A HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TIMES, let alone the rest of the Bible (hundreds more references to "Jew" and "Jews" always capitalized).

St. John Chapter 4:19-27: "The woman saith to him, Lord, I perceive that thou art a Prophet. Our fathers adored in this mountain, and you say, that at Jerusalem is the place where men must adore.

"JESUS saith to her, Woman believe me, that the hour shall come, when you shall neither in this mountain, nor in Jerusalem adore the Father. You adore that you know not: we adore that which we know, for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now it is, when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and verity. for the Father also seeketh such, to adore him. God is a spirit, and they that adore him, must adore in spirit and verity.

"The woman saith to him, I know that MESSIAS cometh, (which is called CHRIST): therefore when he cometh, he will show us all things.

"JESUS saith to her, I am he, that speak with thee. And incontinent his Disciples came: and they marveled."

I guess Scripture is wrong? I guess Christ was a heretic?

"You should block incoming e-mails from Dave and Franco."

Who taught you that if you can't answer the charges you should run away? Mike you are leading your own soul and that of Ms. DePalma and anyone who follows you to hell. Your humility is being tested. What you need to do now is TAKE DOWN YOUR SOUL DAMNING WEBSITE and FIX IT according to the correct Catholic positions. As I have shown you, if you want to refuse communion with Franco and I based on your positions, then to be consistent, you also need to refuse communion with St. Cyprian, Pope John XXII (22), Antipope Leo XIII, who you hold to be a pope, St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, St. Alphonsus, St. Gregory Nanzianus, and Jesus Christ. Who is left for you to commune with Mike?

“thanks - Mike
Fortress of the just
Pray for us”

I’m sure she is, and so am I. Repent and convert, O prideful man, while there is still time for those prayers to be efficacious.

Sincerely, David.

[Portions of the above have been modified from the original email to reflect our discovery of the heresies of Leo XIII, and some additional weblinks have been added as more research has been included in the blog, and a few typos have been corrected]

Contra Bizzaro, Material Heresy
Replies to some lies (of Mike Bizzaro)

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