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20th Century antipopes' actions: Leo XIII to Pius XII

The following are actions taken by non-Catholic antipopes during their antipapal reigns, and it is necessary to be aware of them, since while it is indeed quite possible that some, if not many, of the 'canonizations' and 'beatifications' below are accurate (i.e. the soul of the person allegedly canonized may be truly in Heaven), we cannot accept them as canonical canonizations.  Further, a good deal of them may also be heretical, as evidenced by some of the works of the people thus 'canonized' or 'beatified'.

At the very least, we are bound to recognize as schismatic and damned any person in this list who professed subjection to one of the heretical antipopes, starting with Leo XIII.

To my knowledge this list of alleged canonizations and beatifications by the antipopes (Benedict XV - Pius XII) is accurate and complete, though, as usual, I welcome correction if any mistakes or omissions can be found.

RESEARCH IS UNDERWAY CONCERNING THE ACTIONS OF LEO XIII and PIUS X, so the lists of the actions thereof may be incomplete (especially changes to liturgy, prayers, etc).

LEO XIII, actions as antipope

Leo XIII Canonizations
Clare of Montefalco
John Baptist de Rossi
Lawrence of Brindisi
Benedict Joseph Labre
Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
Peter Claver
John Berchmans
Alphonsus Rodriguez
Anthony Maria Zaccaria
Peter Fourier
John Baptist de la Salle
Rita of Cascia

Leo XIII, Beatifications

Edmund Campion
Pope Urban II
Angellus of Pisa
Humphrey Middlemore
Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury
Sebastian Newdigate
Thomas Cottam
William Exmew
Anthony Baldinucci
Didacus Joseph of Cadiz
Hugh Cook Faringdon
Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland
Thaddeus McCarthy

Leo XIII Other
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

, actions as antipope

Pius X Canonizations
Alexander Sauli
Gerard Majella
Clement Mary Hofbauer
Joseph Oriol

Pius X Beatifications

Jean-Marie Vianney
Marie-Geneviève Meunier
Rose-Chrétien de la Neuville
Christina von Stommeln

Pius X Other

St. Joseph workers prayer

BENEDICT XV, actions as antipope

Benedict XV Canonizations
Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother
Margaret Mary Alacoque (Beatified by Pius IX)
Joan of Arc (Beatified by Pius X)

Benedict XV Beatifications
Louise de Marillac
Benedict Cottolengo
Anne of Saint Bartholomew (Venerable by Clement XII)
Nuno Alvares Pereira
John Pelingotto
Isnard de Chiampo
John Maria Muzeyi
Mukasa Kiriwawanvu
Anne Marie Taigi (Venerable by Pius X)
Oliver Plunkett
Angelus de Scarpetti
Margaret of Lorraine
Dominic Spadafora
Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

Benedict XV Venerables
Therese of Lisieux
Michael Garicoits
John Maria Muzeyi
Mukasa Kiriwawanvu
Oliver Plunkett
Marcelino Champagnat
Andrew Fournet

Benedict XV Elevations
Rafael Merry del Val - Secretary of the Holy Office
Pietro Gasparri - Cardinal Secretary of State
Pietro Gasparri - Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church
Eugenio Pacelli - Papal Nuncio
Eugenio Pacelli - Archbishop
Ambrogio Ratti - Archbishop
Ambrogio Ratti - Cardinal
Angelo Roncalli - President of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith
Giovanni Montini - Ordained Priest
Giulio Tonti - Cardinal
Alfonso Maria Mistrangelo - Cardinal
Giovanni Cagliero - Cardinal
Andreas Franz Frühwirth - Cardinal
Raffaele Scapinelli di Leguigno - Cardinal
Giorgio Gusmini - Cardinal
Pietro La Fontaine - Cardinal
Vittorio Amedeo Ranuzzi de’ Bianchi - Cardinal
Donato Raffaele Sbarretti Tazza - Cardinal
Auguste-Rene-Marie Dubourg - Cardinal
Louis-Ernest Dubois - Cardinal
Tommaso Pio Boggiani - Cardinal
Alessio Ascalesi - Cardinal
Louis-Joseph Maurin - Cardinal
Nicolo Marini - Cardinal
Oreste Giorgi - Cardinal
Filippo Camassei - Cardinal
Augusto Silj - Cardinal
Juan Soldevilla y Romero - Cardinal
Teodoro Valfre di Bonzo - Cardinal
Aleksander Kakowski - Cardinal
Edmund Dalbor - Cardinal
Francesco Ragonesi - Cardinal
Michael von Faulhaber - Cardinal
Dennis Joseph Dougherty - Cardinal
Juan Bautista Benlloch y Vivo - Cardinal
Francisco de Asis Vidal y Barraquer - Cardinal
Karl Joseph Schulte - Cardinal

Benedict XV Other
1917 Code of Canon Law is Promulgated
Condemnation of the Secrets of La Sallette -- La Salette Book Placed on the Index
Fatima Apparitions (Happened During Reign)
Padre Pio Receives “Stigmata”
Our Lady of Loreto (Happened in Middle Ages) is Made Patron of Aviators
Legion of Mary is Founded

PIUS XI, actions as antipope

Pius XI Canonizations
Therese of Lisieux
Peter Canisius (Beatified by Pius IX)
Mary Magdalen Postel (Beatified by Pius X)
Mary Magdalen Sophie Barat (Beatified by Pius X)
John Eudes (Beatified by Pius X)
John Vianney (Beatified by Pius X)
Lucy Filippini
Catherine Tomas (Beatified by Pius VI)
North American Martyrs
Robert Bellarmine
Theophilus of Corte
Albertus Magnus (Beatified by Gregory XV)
Andrew Fournet
Bernadette Soubirous
Joan Antida Thouret
Mary Michaeli
Louise de Marillac
Joseph Benedict Cottolengo
Pompilius M. Pirotti
Teresa Margaret Redi
John Bosco
Conrad of Parzham
John Fisher (Beatified by Leo XIII)
Thomas More (Beatified by Leo XIII)
Andrew Bobola (Beatified by Pius IX)
John Leonardi (Beatified by Pius IX)
Salvatore of Horta (Beatified by Paul V)

Pius XI Beatifications
Therese of Lisieux
Bernadette Soubirous
Frances Cabrini
Joseph Cafasso
Anthony Mary Claret
Gemma Galgani
Catherine Laboure
Maria Mazzarello
John Bosco
John Ogilvie
Lucy Filippini
Robert Bellarmine
North American Martyrs
Paula Frassinetti
Christopher Bales
Edward James
George Gervase
George Napper
George Swallowell
John Duckett
John Robinson
Ralph Ashley
Ralph Corby
Richard Langley
Ambrose Edward Barlow
Augustine Webster
Claude de la Colombiere (Venerable by Leo XIII)
Nicholas Owen
Philip Howard
Thomas Garnet
Michael Garicoits
Mary Rose de Loye
Isaac Jogues
Anthony Mary Gianelli
Andrew Kim Taegon
Charles Garnier
Gabriel Lalemant
James Honore Chastan
John Lalande
Jung Hye
Paul Chong Hasang
Vincent Strambi
Yu Cecilia
Martyrs of September
Michael Ghebre
Noel Pinot
Solomon le Clerq
Andrew Fournet
Beatrice da Silva Meneses
Vincentia Gerosa
Hosanna of Cattaro
Benincasa of Cava
Conrad of Parzham
Teresa Margaret Redi
Balthassar of Chiavari
Contardo Ferrini
Joseph Pignatelli
Alonso Rodriguez

Pius XI Venerables
Christopher Bales
Ralph Ashley
Ambrose Edward Barlow
Augustine Webster
Thomas Garnet
Teresa Eustochio Verzeri
Solomon le Clerq
Martyrs of September
Noel Pinot
Alan de Solminihac
Conrad of Parzham
Gemma Galgani
Contardo Ferrini
Mary Assunta
Domenico Lentini
Marino Sanguineti
Anne Mary Javouhey
Maria Soledad Torres Acosta
Frances Cabrini

Pius XI Doctors
St. Ephrem (Canonized by Early Church)
Peter Canisius (Beatified by Pius IX)
St. John of the Cross (Canonized by Benedict XIII)
Robert Bellarmine
Albertus Magnus (Beatified by Gregory XV)

Pius XI Notable Documents
Mortalium Animos
Casti Connubii

Pius XI Notable Liturgical Reforms
Institution of the Feast of Christ the King

Pius XI Elevations
Eugenio Pacelli - Cardinal
Angelo Roncalli - Archbishop
Annibale Bugnini - Ordained Priest
Albino Luciani - Ordained Priest
Marcel Lefebvre - Ordained Priest
Francesco Marchetti-Selvaggiani - Cardinal
Achille Lienart - Cardinal
George William Mundelein - Cardinal
Patrick Joseph Hayes - Cardinal
Achille Locatelli - Cardinal
Giovanni Vincenzo Bonzano - Cardinal
Enrique Reig y Casanova - Cardinal
Alexis-Armand Charost - Cardinal
Eugenio Tosi - Cardinal
Stanislas-Arthur-Xavier Touchet - Cardinal
Giuseppe Mori - Cardinal
Franziskus Ehrle - Cardinal
Giovanni Battista Nasalli Rocca di Corneliano - Cardinal
Luigi Sincero - Cardinal
Evaristo Lucidi - Cardinal
Aurelio Galli - Cardinal
Eustaquio Ilundain y Esteban - Cardinal
Vicente Casanova y Marzol - Cardinal
Bonaventura Cerretti - Cardinal
Enrico Gasparri - Cardinal
Patrick Joseph O’Donnell - Cardinal
Alessandro Verde - Cardinal
Luigi Capotosti - Cardinal
Carlo Perosi - Cardinal
Lorenzo Lauri - Cardinal
Giuseppe Gamba - Cardinal
Jozef-Ernest van Roey - Cardinal
August Hlond - Cardinal
Alexis-Henri-Marie Lepicier - Cardinal
Felix-Raymond-Marie Rouleau - Cardinal
Pedro Segura y Saenz - Cardinal
Charles-Henri-Joseph Binet - Cardinal
Jusztinian Gyorg Seredi - Cardinal
Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster - Cardinal
Manuel Goncalves Cerejeira - Cardinal
Luigi Lavitrano - Cardinal
Carlo Dalmazio Minoretti - Cardinal
Joseph MacRory - Cardinal
Jean Verdier - Cardinal
Sebastiao Leme da Silveira Cintra - Cardinal
Raffaele Carlo Rossi - Cardinal
Giulio Serafini - Cardinal
Angelo Maria Dolci - Cardinal
Pietro Fumasoni Biondi - Cardinal
Maurilio Fossati - Cardinal
Carlo Salotti - Cardinal
Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve - Cardinal
Elia Dalla Costa - Cardinal
Theodor Innitzer - Cardinal
Federico Tedeschini - Cardinal
Ignace Gabriel Tappouni - Cardinal
Enrico Sibilia - Cardinal
Francesco Marmaggi - Cardinal
Luigi Maglione - Cardinal
Carlo Cremonesi - Cardinal
Alfred-Henri-Marie Baudrillart - Cardinal
Emmanuel Celestin Suhard - Cardinal
Karel Boromejsky Kaspar - Cardinal
Santiago Luis Copello - Cardinal
Isidro Goma y Tomas - Cardinal
Camillo Caccia Dominioni - Cardinal
Nicola Canali - Cardinal
Domenico Jorio - Cardinal
Vincenzo Lapuma - Cardinal
Federico Cattani Amadori - Cardinal
Massimo Massimi - Cardinal
Domenico Mariani - Cardinal
Peitro Boetto - Cardinal
Giovanni Mercati - Cardinal
Eugene-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent Tisserant - Cardinal
Adeodato Giovanni Piazza - Cardinal
Ermenegildo Pellegrinetti - Cardinal
Arthur Hinsley - Cardinal
Giuseppe Pizzardo - Cardinal
Pierre-Marie Gerlier - Cardinal

Pius XI Other
Fatima Apparitions (Approved During Reign)
Lucia Enters Institute of the Sisters of St. Dorothy
Our Lady of Knock (Approved During Reign)
Faustina Kowalska Enters Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy
Opus Dei is Founded
Legion of Decency is Founded
St. Jerome Emiliani (Canonized by Clement XIII) Made Patron Saint of Orphans and Abandoned Children

PIUS XII, actions as antipope

Pius XII Canonizations
Frances Cabrini
Joseph Cafasso
Anthony Mary Claret
Gemma Galgani
Maria Goretti
Margaret of Hungary (Beatified by Pius VI)
Mariana Paredes of Jesus (Beatified by Pius IX)
Catherine Laboure
Maria Mazzarello
Louis de Montfort (Beatified by Leo XIII)
Bernadino Realino (Beatified by Leo XIII)
Nicholas of Flue
John of Britto
Michael Garicoits
Jeanne Elizabeth des Ages
Jeanne de Lestonnac
Maria Josepha Rossello
Emily de Rodat
Bartolomea Capitanio
Vincenza Gerosa
Jeanne de Valois
Vincenzo M. Strambi
Emilie de Vialar
Anthony M. Gianelli
Ignatius of Laconi
Francis Xavier Bianchi
Pius X
Gaspare of Bufalo
Joseph Pignatelli
Mary di Rosa
Peter Chanel
Dominic Savio

Pius XII Beatifications
Domenico Savio
Maria Goretti
Teresa Eustochio Verzeri
Justin de Jacobis
Ignatius of Laconi (Venerable by Pius IX)
Joaquina Vedruna de Mas
Rose Philippine Duchesne
Placide Viel
Maria Chaira
Jeanne Marie Kerguin
Marie Amandine
Marie De Saint Just
Marie Adolphine Dierks
Mary Hermina Grivot
Teresa Eustochio Verzeri
Contardo Ferrini
Jeanne of the Cross Delanoue
Anne Mary Javhouhey
Maria de Mattias
Marguerite Bourgeous (Venerable by Pius IX)
Vincentia Maria Lopez y Vicuna
Maria Soledad Torres Acosta
Alberic Crescitelli
Francesco Antonio Fasani
Pius X
Bertilla Boscardin
Rose Venerini
Bertilla Boscardin
Raphaela Maria Porras
Mary Assunta
John Baptist Turpin du Cormier
Marcelino Champagnat
Remigius Isore
Martyrs of China
Innocent XI
Mary of Providence (Eugenie Smet)

Pius XII Venerables
Placide Viel
Caterina Volpicelli
Ludovico Pavoni
Rose Venerini
Catherine Jarrige
Marie-Celine of the Presentation
Leo Dupont

Pius XII Doctors
St. Anthony of Padua (Canonized by Gregory IX)

Pius XII Notable Liturgical Reforms
Institution of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Institution of the Feast of the Queenship of Mary
Institution of the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker
Suppression of the Solemnity of St. Joseph
Moving of the Feast of St. Philip and St. James the Apostle
Restoration of the Easter Vigil

Pius XII Notable Liturgical Reforms
The Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus is Renamed Shrove Tuesday
Abolition of the Midnight Eucharistic Fast
Eucharistic Fast Changed to 3 Hours

Pius XII Notable Documents
Mystici Corporis Christi
Humani Generis
Munificentissimus Deus
Sacramentum Ordinis

Pius XII Notable Documents
Allocution to Italian Midwives

Pius XII Dogmas
The Assumption of Mary

Pius XII Notable Elevations
Annibale Bugnini - Secretary to the Commission for Liturgical Reform
Angelo Roncalli - Apostolic Nuncio
Albino Luciani - Vicar General
Karol Wojtyla - Ordained Priest
Joseph Ratzinger - Ordained Priest
Francis Joseph Spellman - Cardinal
Josef Frings - Cardinal
Grégoire-Pierre XV - Cardinal
John Joseph Glennon - Cardinal
Benedetto Aloisi Masella - Cardinal
Clemente Micara - Cardinal
Adamo Stefano Sapieha - Cardinal
Edward Aloysius Mooney - Cardinal
Jules-Geraud Saliege - Cardinal
James Charles McGuigan - Cardinal
Samual Alphonsius Stritch - Cardinal
Agustín Parrado y Garcia - Cardinal
Clement-Emile Roques - Cardinal
Johannes de Jong - Cardinal
Carlos Carmelo de Vasconcelos Motta - Cardinal
Pierre-Andre-Charles Petit de Julleville - Cardinal
Norman Thomas Gilroy - Cardinal
José María Caro Rodríguez - Cardinal
Teodosio Clemente de Gouveia - Cardinal
Jaime de Barros Camara - Cardinal
Enrique Pla y Deniel - Cardinal
Manuel Arteaga y Betancourt - Cardinal
Juan Gualberto Guevara - Cardinal
Bernard William Griffin - Cardinal
Manuel Arce y Ochotorena - Cardinal
József Mindszenty - Cardinal
Ernesto Ruffini - Cardinal
Konrad Graf von Preysing Lichtenegg-Moos - Cardinal
Clemens August Graf von Galen - Cardinal
Antonio Caggiano - Cardinal
Thomas Tien Ken-sin - Cardinal
Giuseppe Bruno - Cardinal

Pius XII Notable Elevations
Giovanni Montini - Archbishop
Angelo Roncalli - Cardinal
Giuseppe Siri - Cardinal
Alfredo Ottaviani - Cardinal
Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini - Cardinal
Augusto Alvaro da Silva - Cardinal
Gaetano Cicognani - Cardinal
Valerio Valeri - Cardinal
Pietro Ciriaci - Cardinal
Francesco Borgongini Duca - Cardinal
Maurice Feltin - Cardinal
Marcello Mimmi - Cardinal
Carlos Maria Javier de la Torre - Cardinal
Alojzije Stepinac - Cardinal
Georges-Francois-Xavier-Marie Grente - Cardinal
John Francis D’Alton - Cardinal
James Francis Aloysius McIntyre - Cardinal
Giacomo Lercaro - Cardinal
Stefan Wyszynski - Cardinal
Benjamín de Arriba y Castro - Cardinal
Fernando Quiroga y Palacios - Cardinal
Paul-Emile Leger - Cardinal
Crisanto Luque Sanchez - Cardinal
Valerian Gracias - Cardinal
Joseph Wendel - Cardinal

Pius XII Other
Our Lady of All Nations (Happened During Reign)
Madonna del Ghisallo (Happened in Middle Ages) - Made Patron of Cyclists

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